July 10, 2018

The State of the European Energy Union

“In an increasingly open and interconnected market, one of the most vital elements of the European Union (EU) common market project is lagging behind: energy. The European Energy Union is an ongoing project of the EU to create an open and interconnected energy market throughout the EU providing secure, affordable and climate-friendly energy.”

By Dorien van Dam

July 10, 2018

Why the Department of Homeland Security has not been able to succeed in unifying the U.S. intelligence community

“The intelligence community within the United States is a chaotic, massive, bureaucratic nightmare. After the 9/11-attacks, the whole community IC was under the microscope and public dissatisfaction forced Congress to address the failure and shortcomings of the American intelligence. The Department of Homeland Ssecurity is the newest player, among seventeen intelligence agencies, whose intention was to unify the IC and foster cooperation.”

By Ashley Rebecca Donald-Tebbutt

June 28, 2018


The number of potential applications for the use of big data is immense. Initially intended as a private sector tool, big data is now finding its place within the realm of politics. Cambridge Analytica’s involvement in the Trump and Brexit campaigns has demonstrated the onset of a new era where big data may be used not only for population analysis, but also to influence the political views and preferences of the population as well.

By Yuliia Kondrushenko